About us

Welcome to the world of Nifty, where we provide service with a purpose and a smile. We have technicians with a passion for quality and friendly service. Let Nifty be the power behind your freshness cleanliness and vibrant work and personal experience. Our helpful and knowledgeable technicians focus is on eliminating allergens, infectious pathogens, viruses, and dangerous bacteria’s, that threaten the health, productivity, and efficiency of your employees; and protecting customers, friends, and families. We can take your environment and magically turn it into a sanctuary. We know first impressions are everything. So, a visible and pleasant environment is ideal for impact ability and productivity.

Here at Nifty, we believe cleanliness is a skilled job that requires ample training to provide an adequate assessment and adjustment of the job ahead. Rest assure that the safety and satisfaction of our clients is always at the forefront of our company’s motto.

Please give us an opportunity to serve you and will make sure to bring a satisfying experience.

Nifty is certified HIPAA & GLBA compliance and all staff are background checked.

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