Gas Stations Services

Service Station Cleaning

A well-maintained service station is one that invites repeat customers. All of our employees are certified and fully trained in the use of machinery and chemicals. Nifty offers cleaning bundles designed specifically for service stations:

  • Canopy cleaning – annual cleaning of the canopy, under sheeting, pumps and shop building
  • Car wash bay cleaning – remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew and oxidization from all internal and external areas of wash bay including machines, ceilings, floors, walls and windows
  • Surface cleaning – flat surface cleaning system of all hard surfaces including concrete pads
  • Columns and pump detailing
  • External building cleaning – building, signage, windows, pavements and any other exposed or high-traffic visible areas
  • Canopy lights cleaning/replacement – canopy light diffusers, remove insects and seal gaps
  • Line marking services – parking bays, tanker fill areas, air/water/vac bays